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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Please read till the end. I honestly don't have a title for this blog post

Dear Girls, 

Just when I thought I didn't deserve anything good someone showed up in my life and proved me wrong. I prayed to God and ask him to show me the right path, to guide me closer to what was meant for me. I stopped entertaining certain people and took some much needed time to work on myself; I started eating healthier, started working out, started hanging around positive people which lead me into making better decisions for my life and before I knew it good things were happening. I was finally happy with who I was becoming. 

There is a lesson to be learnt here, stop allowing past mistakes to ruin your life, stop dwelling on a ex, stop stalking their social media, what they do shouldn't have any effect on you and you need to make a promise with yourself and God that you're gonna move on and not let an ex hold you back. 

Move on and start making decisions that will positively impact your life and trust me honey when I say that you will be rewarded. As long as you've been working on bettering yourself, when the time is right, someone is going to enter your life and show why it never worked out with any of the other douche bags. He's gonna love and respect you in ways nobody has ever done. He will treat you like a queen. 

He'll show you off to his parents and friends. He will claim you and not let you look like a fool. He'll worship you like a goddess and that's when you'll realize what love actually is. That's when you'll realize how special and beautiful you are. He will never forget to let you know that you're worth it. He will make time out of his busy schedule to see you. He'll call you and text you through out the day. You won't ever have to question his loyalty and have second thoughts. He'll be completely honest with you. And this is when you'll know that you've found your king. 👑

He'll take you on real dates, he won't ask you if you wanna Netflix and chill. He'll bring you flowers and chocolate when he picks you up. He'll hold your hand while he drives and he'll kiss the back of your palm occasionally and all will be right with the world, with your world. He'll take on fancy dinners, he'll hold your hand in public as you walk, he will open doors for you. He will include you in future plans. He'll include you in his life plans and that is when you'll know that you've got a keeper and you will love this man with all you've got because you've love and done so much for the wrong people. Imagine what you'd for the right one. 

Love Always, 
Seema Sammy. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Miss Moving On

Dear Girls, 

Look at you, make up fucked up from crying.
After you gave that fuckboy one last chance, again.
And you were played for a fool, again. When will you learn, when will enough be enough? Your heart can only take so much you know, from the sadness in your eyes I'd say you've reached your limit. I know it's hard to see through those tears, I know it's hard to accept that you have to let go of all the time you spent, all the wasted years. But you're still so young, so beautiful, so full of life and no matter what he's taken from you, how badly you let him destroy you he can never take your heart away from you. Broken and bruised but that shit still works, it still finds a way to beat, finds a way to keep surviving. You will too.I promise you the world isn't over yet and you've still got a whole lot of living to do, maybe even a few more heart breaks to endure and lessons to learn. Appreciate it all, there's beauty in the chaos and there is something to be appreciated in every aspect of life.
Dry those tears, fix that crown, and hold your head high while you pick up the broken pieces and keep it moving. 

Love Always, 
Seema Sammy.