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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

12 Things She Wishes You Understood

Dear Girls, 

Let me get straight to the point, some guys are just plain ol' dummies. We keep on hoping that they would understand certain things but they don't. And if they do, it's too late because we're not waiting around for them to finally use their brain. 
I found this poem by Derrick Jaxn that I wanted to share with you guys and it is everything we hope our partner would understand.

12 Things She Wishes You Understood - Derrick Jaxn

"She’s a lover but she’ll fight for you. 
Even when she feels like she can’t no more, she’ll still try for you
She’s not jealous, but she didn’t fall in love with plans of letting go
So when other girls cross the line, she expects YOU to let em know

She’s not stupid, she was allowing you to earn her trust
With hopes you’d appreciate it too much to do things to mess it up
She’s not needy, but she deserves to be a priority of your attention
Especially when she ignores it from other guys who can’t wait to catch you slippin’

She’s not insecure, but she wants to know that you find her attractive
The way you look at and touch her should all scream how glad you are to have her
She’s not rushing things, she just doesn’t have time to be playing games
She’s trying to build an empire with somebody who’s trying to do the same

She’s not judging you, she just realizes your potential
And won’t waste time if you’re not trying because she only dates men with ambition
She doesn’t have trust issues, but won’t put up with all the lies
If honesty is too much to ask then you shouldn’t have even bothered to say hi

She loves the thought of being yours only, but not when you’re for everybody else
Not when new numbers are popping up in your phone, not when you’re deleting texts
She’s not too sensitive, she has feelings she shows to you ‘cause you’re her man
And it doesn’t mean she’s not making sense just because you don’t understand

She knows she complicated, so if you’re not ready, just say it
So she can save you both some trouble of you coming around when she’s done waiting."

Love Always, 
Seema Sammy.

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