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Friday, October 9, 2015

You're Doing a Good Job.

Dear Girls, 

Shout out to all the transgender kids who have unsupportive families towards their identity.

To the ones who came out today.
To the ones who can’t come out.
To the ones who can’t dress how they want because of that.
To all the ones who aren’t financially stable enough for surgery.
To all the male to female kids. You’re fucking beautiful.
To all the female to male kids. You’re so handsome.
To all the genderfluid kids, You’re beautiful and handsome, you go.
To all the ones who constantly get misgendered. It hurts like hell, I know.
You’re still valid.
You are still valid.
Shout out to all the kids that didn't take their life today, and if you need a sign not to.. this is it. I’m here for you.
To the ones whose  families don’t believe that they’re not okay.
To the ones who got out of bed, that’s great.
and shout out to the ones who didn’t, that’s great too.
To the ones who ate today, good job.
And to the ones who are still fighting, look at you. You’re all fantastic. I promise it’s gonna get better.

 Have a fantastic day my loves.

Love Always,
Seema Sammy.

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