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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Life is funny sometimes...

Dear Girls,

You know, life is funny. You’ll be thinking things are going swimmingly and that things are alright one second, and then you could read/see/hear something or be totally blindsided by something and then suddenly things are not okay the next, they are the opposite of okay.

But what I’ve come to realize is this; you decide what determines if you’re okay or if you’re not. Sure things are gonna bum you out if you think too long about them, or if you go out of your way to check or look at things you shouldn’t, but that’s all human nature.
We slip up, we’re curious, we’re at times self-destructive. What it boils down to are the things that you let have a lasting affect on you. 

Give yourself that moment, or chunk of time, to be sad. That moment to be angry or bitter or jealous or whatever. Because suppressing emotions can be destructive too. But then take a deep breath, drink a large glass of water (because if you shed some tears, you’ll need to replenish yourself), and do something that makes you happy. Binge a couple episodes on Netflix. Watch your favorite YouTuber. Eat some pizza. Have a couple drinks. Cry. Shower. Whatever.

And then realize that tomorrow is another day, and while things still may not be 100% fantastic, it’s one day closer till they are. And take heart from that. 

Thank you God for another day. 

Seema Sammy.

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