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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Accept Yourself


Dear Girls, 

Stop trying to please everyone except yourself.  

AlI that's on my mind is how much I’ve let myself down trying to lift everyone else up. I’ve made this mistake so many times before, but lately it hurts my heart more than usual. I’ve realized just how harmful being too selfless can be.
I love helping others. I lend my ear to sad souls who just want to be heard, or at least they paint a picture as such. I lend my heart to empty people that can never seem to reciprocate my love for them. You’d think after years of constant disappointment I'd learn, I don’t. I learn but I never listen. 
I guess what I’m saying is, stop trying to please everyone except yourself, ACCEPT YOURSELF, learn to value your own heart and let God help you help yourself. It’s okay to be selfish, I have to constantly remind myself…. ITS OK TO BE SELFISH. 
Love always, 
Seema Sammy. 

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