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Thursday, September 17, 2015


Dear Girls,

I know from experience that not a lot of us experienced love and encouragement people from the people around us. Most of the time they lash out at us for the way we look. This comes from people who we love and would do anything for. What baffles me is I don't know if they're intentionally hurting me or not. I like to think that they have my best interest at heart and lashing out is their way of helping me. But I've since learned that those people are assholes, yes they could be your parent as a matter of fact. At least for me it was a parent,  most of my teen years were spent with my mother comparing me to every kid in the neighborhood. 'Why can't you look like that girl (girl from my neighborhood)?' she would say. 'Do you see any young girl your age that looks like you' or 'You're too fat, no guy would want you'.  She would say 'don't eat that', 'don't eat this' and would try to embarrass me even when people were around.

My mom thought that embarrassing me would convince me to make drastic lifestyle change and that I'd probably turn into model. No! that didn't happen. What happened though was I'd stress eat because food was my comfort. Food filled that void she caused from hurting and bashing me. She wasn't helping me at all. Instead, she made it worse. I'm not blaming her for becoming over-weight, I did that on my own. I'm just saying she's one of the influences.

Anyways, the point I wanted to get across to you guys is that you should build up the people around you and make them feel loved. Not just loved, encourage them, believe in them and support them. Sometimes people don't see their own worth so please don't be one of the influences to that. They need a little reminder. Tell them about the potential you see in them. Tell them how worthy they are. Let them know you believe in them. Show your support. Most of all let them know you'll always be there for them, that you'll always be a shoulder to lean on. Everyone deserves that positivity and reassurance in their life.

And lastly, I am in no way speaking ill of my mom. I love her, because of her I've become the woman I am today. I thank her because now I can share my experiences and ultimately help someone. I've look at my experiences as stepping stones because I am using them to help young girls or whoever maybe be going through this.

Keep exuding positive energy!

Love always,
Seema Sammy.

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