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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

20 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts They’ll Actually Want

 Dear Girls/Boys,

Forget flowers and chocolates. Make these beautifully meaningful gifts instead.

1. Chalkboard Heart Frames

Chalkboard Heart Frames
Courtney from Crafts by Courtney made these adorable, easy-to-create chalkboard frames. With the right photo, they make the perfect gift.
Materials: wooden heart frames (from any craft store), chalkboard spray paint, sandpaper, and white chalk.
1. Spray two coats of the chalkboard paint on the frames, and allow to dry for 24 hours.
2. To give your frames a rustic and aged look, go over them heavily with sandpaper. When done, wipe down your frames with a cloth to remove the paint dust.
3. Go over the frames with a piece of white chalk, rubbing the chalk all over the frame (this sets the chalkboard). Then lightly wipe off all excess chalk with a cloth.
4. For the final touch, add some scrapbook paper for the background or stick in a photo. Then draw on the frame with chalk!

2. I Heart You Kitchen Towels

I Heart You Kitchen Towels
Give your favorite cook or foodie kitchen towels that’ll remind them how much you care. Emily from Handmaker of Things shares this tutorial.
Materials craft paint in colors of your choice (towels shown embrace the gold and bright pink trend with a bit of black), letter stencils, stencil pouncer (the one pictured is from a set of 6 or 7 different sizes) or styrofoam headed paintbrush, double-sided tape, plain white kitchen towels made of cotton or linen (not terry cloth or textured; the ones pictured are from a four pack of white flour sack towels from Target, just $3,99), polka dot stencil and painters tape (optional).
1. Wash and dry your towels, then press to make sure they’re nice and flat. Lay out your towel, make sure to put either newspaper, cardboard, or some other protective surface behind it as the paint will likely bleed through.
2. Take your letter stencils and arrange them on your towel as desired. Once they’re where you want them, secure in the corners with double sided tape, so they won’t move as you add your paint. Emily created her heart stencil by folding a piece of heavy paper in half and cutting the shape.
3. Load your stencil pouncer or brush with paint. Dab some of the paint off on a piece of cardboard so you don’t have too much. Begin to dab the pouncer or brush over your stencil. Be careful to not go over the edges, keeping your color inside the letters. Continue to fill in carefully until you have nice solid color. You can also let the first coat dry and add another for more saturated hues.
4. Once paint is dry carefully remove your stencil. Wash again, delicate setting,without other clothes or items, then re-press.

3. Sock Pillows

Sock Pillows
Show lonely socks some love by turning them into little stuffed hearts. This postshows you how.

4. Love Rocks

Love Rocks
Color rocks of different shapes and sizes, then seal with a layer of mod podge. Great for your gardening friend, or leave them around the neighborhood to brighten a strangers day, as this blogger did.

5. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs
With a few relatively basic ingredients, you can make your own bath bombs for that special someone who deserves to pamper themselves. Get the recipe here.

6. Lemon Drops Jar

Lemon Drops Jar
Decorate a mason jar, fill it with lemon drops, and it’s time to pucker up. Check out this post.

7. Muslin Candy Bags

Muslin Candy Bags
Stamp muslin bags with simple heart motifs and fill them with candy for a gift that you can’t go wrong with. As seen here.

8. Romantic Libations

Romantic Libations
Decorate a beer (or soda) package to turn it into a heartfelt gift, as done here.

9. Tick Tocks

Tick Tocks
Who knew breath mints could be so romantic. Just decorate them with these labels.

10. Snow Globe

Snow Globe
They’re not just for Christmas. Make a water-free snow globe with heart motifs andthese directions.

11. Heart Beaded Beanie

Heart Beaded Beanie
This beaded beanie is easy enough to make for a few friends.

12. Wooden Coasters

Wooden Coasters
Make love coasters with you and your loved one’s initials, or a friend’s name. Check out this tutorial.

13. Sweetheart Vase

Sweetheart Vase
This vase gives a personal touch to a a heartfelt bouquet.

14. Glitter Nailpolish

Glitter Nailpolish
Make your own glittery heart nail polish for lady friends. Get the simple directionshere.

15. Love Cactus

Love Cactus
Give someone an easy-to-care for bit of greenery. This post shows you how to create them and make cute planter cards.

16. Sharpie Mugs

Sharpie Mugs
Make your own mugs of love as gifts for friends, family, or your sweetheart.

17. Pompom Bouquet

Pompom Bouquet
No green thumb needed to keep this bouquet alive. Learn how to make one here.

18. Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow Pops
Decorated marshmallow pops with homemade heart sprinkles for a sweet gift anyone will enjoy. Use this recipe.

19. Heart Dominoes

Heart Dominoes
Make a simple heart-themed domino set with these directions. Then spend your Valentines Day playing around.

20. Heart Page Marker

Heart Page Marker
Make these simple bookmarks out of decorative paper and hand them out to friends and family.

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