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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stop. Regroup. Move on!

Dear Girls,

 When you look back on it, it sucks that you gave that person more then they could ever give you. Maybe its the eternal optimism, or the fact that I thought I could fix you. That’s a thing you know, fixing people syndrome. I thought the more I gave, the more I cared, the more I loved, that you would start to do the same, feel the same, give the same.  And sadly, that's not always how it works out, you can give someone your entire heart and get nothing in return. Life’s a bitch, huh? 

The worst part of ending things is all the feelings attached to it, the way I’ll never be able to look at some things the same. When things end, that person takes a piece of you with them, regardless if they “loved” you or not, and they will always have that piece. You decided to share a part of your life with them, and they did the same. They opened up to you, told you things they didn’t tell anyone else, and that's not things you can forget, ignore and let go. No matter if you delete the pictures together, the relationship status on social media,  you can’t delete what you had, the feelings you held. 

Seema Sammy. 

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